Mandan Zoning Ordinance Rewrite Study

Project Overview

This project consists of a comprehensive update to the City's zoning ordinance, aimed at enhancing clarity, predictability, and alignment with our community's vision for development as identified in previously-adopted plans and studies. The existing zoning ordinance, in effect since the 1950s, has not undergone a substantial revision despite the significant changes our city has witnessed over the decades.

Key Objectives of the Zoning Update:

  1. Adapting to Innovation: This study will identify practical ways to accommodate emerging and innovative land use concepts, fostering a regulatory environment that supports creativity and forward-thinking development. 
  2. Streamlining Processes: The project will consider ways to eliminate redundant procedures, promoting a more efficient and transparent development process for stakeholders.
  3. Overcoming Development Barriers: This initiative aims to identify obstacles that hinder responsible development, promoting economic growth while maintaining high standards. 
  4. Preserving Community Identity: This study will focus on ways to preserve and enhance the distinctive character of our community.

Project Timeline:
The project kicked off in fall 2023 and is expected to complete in late 2024. 

The City invites all stakeholders to engage actively in the process to help in shaping a regulatory framework that not only meets legal requirements but also aligns with the collective vision of our community.