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Strategic Planning


The City of Mandan created a comprehensive land use and transportation plan in 2014-2015 that includes roadways, parks and trails. Access the plan using the following link:
Mandan Comprehensive Planning Process


Community planning and long term vision for continued growth and prosperity is important to Mandan leaders.

In 2009, the Bismarck Mandan Chamber of Commerce launched a strategic vision planning process for Mandan. Joining private businesses in the effort were Mandan’s City Commission, School Board and Park Board. Together, business managers, elected officials and citizens took a look at strategies that should be pursued in the next five and 10 years to make Mandan even better.

The process allowed for a review of the entire city across all geographic areas and all sectors involved in community development. A steering committee studied market research and received input through focus groups, individual interviews, and nearly 900 survey responses. The plan became known as "Mandan Tomorrow."

Project Documents. Here are links to the economic and demographic snapshot, community assessment, survey addendum and final strategic plan.

The Mandan Tomorrow steering committee assigned four work groups to implementation:

  • Leadership, Pride & Image
  • Economic Opportunity & Prosperity
  • Quality Places & Destinations
  • Education & Workforce

Accomplishments. Initiatives, new activities and progress in the years since developing the plan include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Community marketing using a “Great Things: Made in Mandan” theme.
  • Creation of a information brochure for prospective new residents,
  • Improved community outreach such as annual real estate agency briefings,
  • Heightened communication about local elections,
  • Annual business education sessions including “Business Start-Up 101,” an opportunities forum, succession planning, focus on franchises and more,
  • Broadened business assistance and incentive programs,
  • Heightened business development program publicity,
  • Additional community events & festivals including the Wild West Grillfest and Oktoberfest plus a Movie-in-the Park,
  • Formation of the Mandan Public Schools Foundation for Education,
  • Expansion of Mandan High School’s dual credit courses, and
  • Establishment of the Brave Center Academy to improve graduation rates by providing an individualized learning environment for students who struggle in a traditional high school setting. 


A study of the Memorial Highway corridor was completed in 2010. Memorial Highway remains under control of the N.D. Department of Transportation. Depending upon federal, state and local funding sources, it may be reconstructed in the future. This study was commissioned by the Metropolitan Planning Organization and City of Mandan as a precursor to determining project costs and engineering.

For further information:
Memorial Highway Corridor Study Final Report (allow several minutes to download)
Memorial Highway Market Study


Use the links below to access previous studies and plans for the City of Mandan.