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National Information Solutions Cooperative (NISC) began providing utility billing services for the City of Mandan in November 2019. The City’s utility bill covers water, stormwater and sanitary sewer, solid waste disposal, street light services, and household garbage and recycling collection.

Notable changes include:
  • Billing statements now have an updated appearance.
  • There is only one billing cycle. All bills are mailed around the 10th of every month, and automatic payments will be deducted from the resident’s bank account on the same day the bill is due, 15 days after the effective billing date. All due dates will be noted on your billing statement.
  • The billing cycle is from the first of each month to the first of the following month. For example, December statements will reflect service dates of Nov. 1 - Dec. 1.
  • Customers have the option of setting up a recurring credit card payment in SmartHub.
  • Customers are able to monitor statements closely and view usage statistics.
  • Customers wishing to continue to receive their utility bill in the mail are able to do so, no further action is needed. 

The services are being provided in Mandan through NISC, but utility bills will be mailed out of Missouri from NISC’s St. Louis location.

Customers have the option to switch to electronic bills, or eBills, which is an electronic version of a paper bill that can be viewed and paid online. There is a direct savings for the City of Mandan if residents switch to eBills, as there is a charge for printing, envelopes, and postage for paper bills. E-bills and online bill payment eliminates the need for residents to drop off or mail bills and help reduce solid waste in landfills.

The new service includes access to an easy-to-use online and mobile billing and payment tool, SmartHub, where customers can easily manage their accounts, pay bills and more. A feature allows customers to monitor usage. A variety of bill payment options, including one-time, automatic recurring and scheduled payments, along with credit card payments are accepted.

Please contact the Utility Billing Department by phone, 701-667-3219, or by emailing water@cityofmandan.com with any questions.

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