Garbage Collection

Regular household trash is picked up by Eco Sanitation LLC once a week. Click here to download a map showing the scheduled areas.

All materials for collection must be within 5 feet of curb or alley before 4 a.m. on your scheduled day of collection.

Totes required. The use of totes, or heavy-duty garbage containers with two wheels and a handle, is required as part of the City of Mandan’s garbage collection contract. This requirement helps prevent workforce injuries and allows for automation, which in turn helps with hiring and retaining employees.

Container size. The default tote size is 96 gallons. Residents have the option of requesting a 64-gallon size by calling Eco Sanitation at 701-595-5555.

Extra garbage. Households that consistently have more trash than what their tote can accommodate may purchase and additional tote at a fee of $125 per tote. There is a $18 delivery fee or residents can arrange to pick up the extra tote at Eco Sanitation’s office. If the amount of garbage exceeds tote capacity only a few times a year, such as during Christmas, residents may find many items are recyclable and can be put in the recycling tote. Another option is to hold bagged trash back for the next week.

Container placement & upkeep. The provided tote for household garbage must be placed with wheels and handle facing the home within 5 feet of the curb or alley and ideally 5 feet away from obstructions such as vehicles, garbage containers, or retaining walls, mailboxes, utility poles and trees. It is strongly suggested for those with street access, to place the tote on the street (versus in the alley) for consistent service during the winter months. Eco Sanitation also suggests placing the regular household garbage container on one side of the driveway apron near the curb and the recycling container on the other side.

  • If the garbage collection driver deems a container is too close to objects to safely be picked up, the garbage container will not be dumped.
  • During winter months, if snow is not removed around the tote/dumpster on all sides of the container, the container may not be dumped.

Residents who currently place their garbage tote in the alley may continue to do so. Eco Sanitation can still pick them up in this location. Container lids may be secured with a bungee cord on days between pickups, but not on collection days as they interfere with the automated equipment.
Additional guidelines include keeping the totes in good condition. Each homeowner is responsible for the tote(s) they receive. Please note the number(s) on your container(s). If a tote is lost, Eco Sanitation will bill the resident a $96 replacement fee.

Containers stay with homes. If a resident moves, the household garbage containers provided need to stay at the home, even if moving to another Mandan residence. Each container is assigned to a specific location with a serial number and global positioning system chip.

Sharing of containers. Residents in duplexes and multi-family buildings who would like to share a container with a neighbor may do so. Please call Eco Sanitation LLC, 701-595-5555, to have your extra container removed and the arrangement recorded. Note: Each residence will still be billed for the service.

Timeframe for containers to be out. Please place the container at the point of collection by 4 a.m. the day of collection and no earlier than 6 p.m. the day before collection. After collection, all containers should be returned to their place of storage no later than 10 p.m. the evening of collection day.

Bag or bundle. Bag or bundle all materials placed in the household garbage totes. This is the opposite of the requirement for recycling, where plastic bags are one of the number one things to be avoided in recycling totes.

Other requirements. Any ashes should be placed in a separate box before placing in a tote, and removing lids from paint cans and allowing the paint to dry before placing the cans in totes.

Unacceptable items. Items not considered regular household trash and that won’t be picked up include:

  • deer hides
  • bones or wild game
  • building materials
  • furniture items
  • carpet
  • tires
  • sod
  • rocks
  • dirt
  • sawdust
  • oil
  • batteries
  • appliances
  • liquids such as paint
  • grass, leaves, lawn clippings and branches (these can be disposed of at the Grass Collection Sites or the City Landfill

Current Contract Period. Eco Sanitation was assigned the household garbage collection contract in April 2024 after merging with Armstrong Sanitation. The current contract goes through Oct. 2027 (with a 5-year option to renew). The monthly household fee will increase by 5 cents a year.

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