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The Mandan Municipal Court has jurisdiction over criminal and non-criminal violations of Mandan city ordinances including:

  • class B misdemeanors,
  • non-criminal traffic offenses,
  • other non-criminal offenses, and
  • infractions that occur within the City of Mandan. 

Mandan Municipal Court is held on Wednesday at 8:30 a.m. in the Morton County Courthouse, 2nd floor, courtroom 200, located at 210 2nd Ave NW, Mandan.  As of Dec. 4, 2017, the Mandan Municipal Court office is also located in the Morton County Courthouse by courtroom 200 on the 2nd floor. 



The parking in front of and around the Morton County Courthouse is 90 minutes. There are nearby parking areas that are not time-sensitive for your use. Please download the downtown parking map