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Arbor Day

Boulevard Trees 

Disease Prevention

The City of Mandan is proud to be designated a Tree City USA. Mandan has earned this distinction for the last 47 years, since its inception in 1976. Certain criteria must be met to qualify for this designation each year: 

  • adequate budget allocation for city forestry;
  • a city tree ordinance;
  • and a formal Arbor Day celebration each year.

The Mandan Forestry Division consists of the grounds maintenance superintendent and one full-time employee. Citizens may call the grounds maintenance superintendent for advice on trees problems. 

Trees in Mandan Municipal Code
Section 16-4 addresses Dutch Elm disease & Emerald Ash Borer 
Section 115-4 addresses vegetation on boulevards  
Section 115-4-7 addresses cause for removal of trees & shrubs 

Pruning Trees & Shrubs  
Pruning Trees & Shrubs University of Minnesota Extension  
Basic Guidelines for Pruning Trees and Shrubs