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Forms & Building Standards

Architectural Review
An application for architectural review is required before commercial, industrial or public buildings or structures are erected, constructed, altered, remodeled or repainted a color different than that existing on the street, area or site. (Mandan Municipal Code - Chapter 111- Regulation of Building Construction).

The review process assures projects provide a desirable environment for their occupants, are compatible with the character of adjacent and surrounding developments, and are aesthetically of good composition, materials, textures and colors. 

The Mandan Architectural Review Commission meets the second and fourth Tuesdays of the month at 1 p.m. at City Hall. Applications for building projects must submitted to the Building Inspection Department no later than noon on the Wednesday prior to the scheduled meeting at which consideration is desired.

Zoning overlay maps
Zoning overlays provide additional usage, community design and appearance standards for special districts:

Zoning overlay standards
The standards are intended to encourage quality construction and buildings with permanency, strengthen property values, and foster business development.

Downtown core & fringe district requirements & standards (Mandan Municipal Code -Chapter 105-4-2)

Gateway & Memorial Highway overlay district requirements & standards (Mandan Municipal Code - Chapter 105-4-6)


Building Mural Guidelines
For more information, contact the City Planning Department, ph. 701-667-3225.