Frequently Asked Questions

Question: I want to know where my property line is, will the city come out and locate it?

  • Answer:
    The city does not perform legal surveys. Property corners are usually a ½” iron pipe or rebar, sometimes called a property pin. They are generally 1' behind the back of the sidewalk (the side closest to your house) in residential areas. Anything in front of the property line is considered street right-of-way. Light poles and fire hydrants are often times located in line with side property lines. The property pins can be anywhere from a few inches to over a foot deep if they are still there. If you can not locate your property pins, you may need to hire a registered land surveyor to reset them.


Question: Who owns the boulevard?

  • Answer:
    The boulevards are part of the street right-of-way dedicated to the City of Mandan, but are to be maintained by the adjacent property owners.


Question: I want to construct in the right of way. Do I need a permit to do so? 

  • Answer: Yes. For most construction activities in the city right of way, the owner or contractor on the owners behalf must take out a right of way permit through the engineering department  to  construct. Currently, the permit is only available at city hall and comes with a fee depending on the work. Additionally, the contractor must be on the city's list of approved contractors to construct in the right of way. City staff can give you a list of current approved contractors or advise on how to get on the list of approved contractors upon request.


Question: My sidewalk needs to be repaired, can I fix it myself?

  • Answer: The City of Mandan only allows state licensed and bonded contractors to do concrete work within the public right-of-way. A permit must be obtained from the City Engineering Department before any contractor can perform for within the right-of-way.


Question: I want to make my driveway wider. How wide can it be?

  • Answer: The City of Mandan allows a residential driveway to be 36’ wide with a 4’ flare on each side. (The flares are the wider part of the driveway that connects to the street.) Any house having a parking/camper pad adjacent to the garage will only be allowed to extend the driveway apron to a maximum of 36’ plus a 4’ flare on each side, for a total of 44’. If your driveway and adjacent pad extends over the maximum 36’ plus flares, then the driveway apron will not be allowed to extend the total width of the driveway. Any commercial lot may have a maximum of two driveways, each not to exceed 40’ in width, separated by a distance of no less than 24’ measured at the curb of each side of the lot that fronts the public street.


Question: I have heard that the City of Mandan has a contractor that does concrete work in the summer, is this true?  And how do I get them to do my work?

  • Answer: The City of Mandan has an annual sidewalk improvement project that is put out for bids each year. This contract is awarded to the contractor that submits the lowest bid. Anyone who desires remove and replace concrete work to be done may sign up. Keep in mind, only concrete work lying within the public right-of-way is eligible to be done under this contract. New construction is not eligible for the sidewalk improvement project.

    An agreement, between the City of Mandan and the property owner needs to be signed for the work to be authorized. Once the agreement is signed, the property owners are put on a list that is submitted to the contractor for the remove and replace work to be done. Any work done under this agreement and contract will be special assessed to the property in which the work is being done.


Question: I want to put up a fence. Does the City of Mandan have regulations on fences?

  • Answer:   The City of Mandan does have some rules and regulations for residential fences. Please call the Engineering Department at 701-667-3225 for more information. 


Question: Can I drain my sump pump water down my house drain?

  • Answer:  Do not pump water into your floor drains, toilets, or sinks in your home as that increases the volume of water to the wastewater treatment plant which it is not set up to treat in large volumes. Drainage of sump pumps into the sanitary sewer is against city ordinance. However, if necessary to pump during winter months, and if reasonable concerns that such pumping will result in freezing in unwanted locations, the city will allow conditional pumping into the city sanitary sewer system from October 1st through March 31st. To do so, the no cost seasonal waiver form can be found here or on the Engineering Department’s home pageto complete and return. For a hard-copy of the waiver or with any other questions, please contact the Engineering Department.