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Nuisance & Property Maintenance Info

Mandan has many beautiful and vibrant neighborhoods because of investments made by its residents and business community. We strive to maintain high standards for the quality of life of our residents and to create a positive experience for visitors. Property maintenance affects our environment, health, safety, property values and ability to attract new businesses and residents.
Please use these resources to help improve the safety and appearance of our community, to help maintain the value of your property and neighborhood, as well as to avoid possible violations.

 Animal Control

Chapter 6 of the Mandan Municipal Code explains animal restrictions.
  • Animals may not run at large.
  • Dogs and cats over the age of 6 months are to be licensed with the Police Department and inoculated against rabies.
  • Loud and frequent yelping, barking or howling by a dog that annoys other person is deemed a nuisance.
  • No person shall keep or maintain more than 3 dogs and 3 cats, 6 months of age or older, on any premises lying within platted portions of the city or within 200 yards of any platted portion of the city.
  • It is unlawful, and is declared a nuisance, for any person to allow or permit any animal owned by him or under his control, to trespass upon the private property of any other person within the limits of the city.

 Adopt-A-Street Program

Click here for more information on the Adopt-A-Street Program.

 Garbage Collection

The City of Mandan contracts with Armstrong Sanitation & Roll Off Inc. for collection once a week of regular household trash. Click here for the schedule and policies.

If your garbage was not picked up in sync with the regular or holiday schedule, please call Armstrong Sanitation at 701-663-8219.

 Grass Collection Sites

The City of Mandan has grass collection sites throughout the city for resident convenience. Please help prevent them from becoming unsightly:

  • Only residential grass, leaves, and garden clippings are to be placed in the dumpsters.
  • Plastic bags are to be emptied and placed in the garbage cans provided.
  • Branches larger than 4 inches in diameter and other items are to be taken to the landfill for proper disposal.
  • Branches that are less than 4 inches in diameter can be dropped off at the collection site near Highway 1806 South and 8th Avenue SE.
  • Lawn care service providers need to take clippings directly to the landfill.

Placing unwanted items at these sites is enforced by municipal code and punishable by a $500 fine.

 Home Rehabilitation

Rebuilding Together annually accepts applications to provide home repair services for the elderly, low-income and disabled people who own their home, but due to physical limitations or economic hardship, are unable to properly maintain their residence. Rebuilding Together works in partnership with local corporations and volunteers to provide free rehabilitation and critical repair services.

Since its inception in 1997, Rebuilding Together has raised over $1,179,154 in cash and in-kind contributions and gifts, and provided rehabilitation and repairs to more than 170 homes and/or area charitable non-profit sites throughout the Bismarck-Mandan area at no cost to the homeowner. Over 6,000 volunteers have donated their time and skills to replace floors and carpeting, repair plumbing, replace unsafe electrical wiring, install handicap accessible devices, paint homes, and repair windows.

To be eligible for assistance, applicants must be homeowners who reside in their home, have home insurance, owe no back taxes, and be unable to do the repairs themselves. Applicants may refer themselves or be referred by an agency, organization, family member, neighbor, or church. If you or someone you know is interested in receiving home repair services from Rebuilding Together, please call (701) 221-3232, or visit

 Housing Code - Responsibilities of Owners & Occupants

The housing code (Sec. 111-8-5 and 111-8-6) require owners and occupants to maintain dwellings in a clean and sanitary condition. Among requirements is that of responsibility for the extermination of any insects, rodents or other pests on the premises.

 Landfill The Place To Go With Large Branches & Other Refuse

The city landfill is located approximately 3 miles west of Mandan on Highway 10, then south 1/2 mile, and west 1 mile.
Remember to tie down or tarp all loads to prevent littering along the roadway. Unsecured loads are subject to additional fees or can be refused. Littering is punishable by state law.

 Nuisance Ordinance

Mandan has a nuisance ordinance (Chapter 16) that deals with many aspects of property upkeep. For example, the accumulation of refuse and rubbish is prohibited in yards, lots, boulevards, streets, alleys and sidewalks or other places and premises. Refuse includes garbage, abandoned vehicles, discarded furniture or appliances, other household goods, barrels, cartons, boxes, pieces of wood and other discarded materials.

 Parking Restrictions

Certain vehicles & unattached trailers. City ordinance 24-7-17 explains limits for parking of certain types of vehicles and unattached trailer:

  • No parking of motor vehicles licenses for a gross weight exceeding 10,000 lbs on any public street in a residential district, mobile home park or trailer court in the city between sunset and sunrise.
  • No parking on any public street in a residential district, mobile home park or trailer court in the city of any semi or full trailer unless attached to a tractor or tractor chassis and said parking shall be only for the limited purpose of loading and unloading merchandise or freight.
  • No parking of any vehicle which is unlicensed or for which the registration has expired.
  • No parking of any bus, except while actually engaged in the loading and unloading of passengers.
  • The time limit for any camper, trailer and boat, weighing 10,000 lbs or less and not exceeding 8 feet in width or a length of 36 feet, on the street is 12 hours for the purpose of loading or unloading directly in front of the registered owner’s residence from May 15 through Sept 15. The fine for violating this section is $50. After 12 hours, the vehicle or equipment will be in violation of this ordinance and may be towed at the owner’s expense. Citizen cooperation is greatly appreciated, particularly prior to snowfall to accommodate plows.

Consecutive parking. City ordinance 24-7-18 explains limits:

  • No parking on any public street or highway for a period longer than 48 hours consecutively.
  • No parking on any public street or highway within any commercial or industrial district for a period longer than 24 hours consecutively.
  • Violations are enforceable by ticketing, towing and impounding.

 Sidewalk & Driveway Snow Removal, Construction & Repair

Homeowners and businesses are reminded not to blow snow into streets or alleyways and to remove snow and ice from sidewalks in a timely manner. Following are three municipal codes which apply.

Chapter 16-2-1 Duty of owner to remove snow and ice
The owner of every lot or parcel of land within the city along which sidewalks have been constructed shall clear the sidewalks on or along such lots or parcels of land of all accumulations of snow and ice within 24 hours after the same has fallen or accumulated. The owner shall keep such sidewalks free from accumulation of snow and ice, provided that no person shall be required to clear such sidewalks during the continuance of a snow storm. On lots or parcels of land where the sidewalk runs to alleys or other public ways, the owner of such property shall be responsible to clear snow and ice from said surfaces for one-half of the distance across the alley or public way or to the gutter line of the street. Any owner who refuses or fails to keep sidewalks upon the property free from snow and ice shall be guilty of an offense and shall be subject to a penalty as provided in Chapter 1 of this Code.

Chapter 16-2-2 Hindering the removal of snow and ice
Any person who interferes with or hinders the removal of said snow and ice by the city, shall be guilty of a Class B misdemeanor.

Chapter 16-2-3 City action to remove snow and ice
Upon failure of the property owner to remove snow and ice, the city may take action to remove snow and ice and assess the property as provided in N.D.C.C. §§ 40-29-18 through 40-29-21.

For more information on sidewalk and driveway upkeep, click here. If you have questions, please contact the Public Works office at 701-667-3240 or the Engineering Department at 701-667-3225.

 Spring Clean-Up Week

With a few exemptions, items that two men can lift will be picked up by city crews during the city-wide clean-up week typically scheduled for late April or early May. Beyond Spring Clean-Up Week, items either need to go in trash receptacles for normal garbage collection or hauled to the landfill. For more information click here

 Stormwater Management

Click here for more information on Stormwater Management. 

 Sump Pump Drainage

The City of Mandan reminds citizens to check their sump pumps to ensure proper functionality.

Regarding discharge of sump water, it is recommended that you drain this water away from your home on to a non-erodible surface such as concrete so that it will drain into the street if possible. If you discharge to your own yard, you may find that the water then returns to your sump.

Do not pump water into your floor drains, toilets, or sinks in your home as that increases the volume of water to the wastewater treatment plant which may result in sewer backing up into your basement.

 Tall Grass & Weed Restrictions

Chapter 16-5 of the code of ordinances for the City of Mandan requires property owners at a minimum to mow tall grasses or spray weeds on their property by May 1, Jun. 1, Jul. 1, Aug. 1, Sept. 1 and Oct. 1 of each year. The height restriction is 6 inches. Notices reminding property owners of the requirement to mow or spray weeds, tall grasses and other unhealthy vegetation are published monthly between April and September in the Mandan News. To report a property, please contact the Code Enforcement officer, phone 701-667-3264. Please remember to provide an address of the property. The department will arrange to have the property mowed or sprayed. Costs will be assessed to the property owner.

Note: City ordinance governing weed control does not address the control of dandelions. The ordinance only provides for control of weeds that are listed on the "State Noxious Weed List."