Trees, shrubs by cemetery plots may damage memorials

In the Mandan Union Cemetery, many plantings are a problem or are becoming one. These trees and shrubs often cause damage to a neighboring headstone or marker. Cemetery rules and regulations prevent permanent plantings on gravesites at any time. 

The grounds maintenance staff has removed plantings in the past due to lack of upkeep and growing roots damaging memorials. Staff respectfully requests patrons who have planted trees or shrubs in the cemetery to remove them. As these plantings grow, it is very likely memorials will become compromised or damaged. If not removed by patrons, staff may remove problematic plantings as time and resources allow. To coordinate the removal of these plantings, please call the Grounds Maintenance Department at 667-3240 ext. 7. Those removing plantings from the cemetery are welcome to relocate them to private property. 

The Mandan Union Cemetery graciously accepts trees for donation, however, the donated plantings must be coordinated with staff to ensure proper placement. In addition, the Mandan Union Memorial Fund, created to accept donations in memory of loved ones, uses monetary donations for the beautification and upkeep of the cemetery. Please contact Nancy at 667-3225 with questions or to donate.