Community Beautification Committee

The Community Beautification Committee was reactivated in May 2013 with citizen appointees. The committee helps formulate and coordinate programs, projects and policies that enhance the aesthetic appearance of the community. It may also identify the need for amending the Mandan Code of Ordinances.

Recommendations are forwarded to the City Commission for consideration.

Private sector representatives on the committee serve in an advisory capacity to City staff and the Mandan City Commission on community beautification matters that together will result in development and formulation of programs and projects to enhance the aesthetic appearance of the community, recommendations for practices and policies that will enhance and upgrade existing properties, and coordination of periodic community clean-up campaigns and encouragement of public participation in such efforts.

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*Community Beautification Committee meetings are open to the public. Anyone is welcome to attend. If you have a topic to add to the agenda, please contact Kari Schmidt with the information.


Agendas & Minutes