Sidewalks, Driveways & Other Work in Right-of-Way

Snow Removal Requirements (Municipal Code Chapter 16-2)

  • The owner of every lot or parcel of land within the City, along which sidewalks have been constructed, shall clean the sidewalks on or along such lots or parcels of land, of all accumulations of snow and ice, within 24 hours after the same has fallen or accumulated.
  • The owner shall keep such sidewalks free from accumulation of snow and ice, provided that no person shall be required to clear such sidewalks during continuance of a snow storm.
  • On lots or parcels of land where the sidewalk runs to alleys or public right-of-ways, the owner of such property shall be responsible to clean snow and ice from said surfaces for one-half of the distance across the alley or public right-of-way or to the gutter line of the street.
  • Any owner who refuses or fails to keep sidewalks upon their property free from snow and ice shall be guilty of an offense punishable by fine of $100 and 5 days in jail for each day of violation.
  • The City of Mandan will remove the accumulated snow and ice from property where the owner has failed or refused to remove same within the time acquired, and the owner will be assessed for the costs of removal and the administrative costs associated with the assessment.

Construction and Repair (Municipal Code Chapters 115-5 & 115-6)

The City of Mandan annually seeks bids for construction and replacement of sidewalks and driveways in the public right-of-way. Property owners may sign up to have the low bidding contractor do concrete work adjacent to their property. The property owner needs to sign an agreement to authorize the work. The cost is then special assessed to the subject property.

Concrete work in the right-of-way also may only be executed by a licensed and bonded contractor (of the property owner's choice). A permit from the Planning and Engineering Department is required. The work must comply with department specifications. Engineering staff will inspect the project before cement is poured to make sure it meets specifications.

Sidewalks and driveways within the right-of-way should be replaced if there is excessive cracking or breaking up of the concrete (1-inch of displacement or more due to settling or heaving) or spalling and popping of the surface resulting in roughness and exposure of the aggregates making up the concrete. Such problems may present tripping hazards to pedestrians or impediments to people traveling in wheelchairs.