Visitors Committee

Provide recommendations to the City Commission in administering proceeds from the 1% city restaurant and lodging tax. Funds may be used for capital construction and promotion projects to attract visitors to the community to use travel and tourism facilities. Meets as needed. 

Criteria for Visitors Fund Requests

  1. All requests must be made in written form and submitted to the City Administrator.
    1. Outline the nature of the request in size and scope.
    2. Benefits to the community.
    3. Request must conform to all applicable municipal ordinances and codes.
    4. Principle people or organizations involved.
    5. List of other funds or commitments for the project.
    6. Timeline for the start and completion of the project.
    7. Number of dollars requested from the visitors fund.
    8. Present acceptable evidence that additional required private financing is available which will allow the proposal, if accepted to be completed.
  2. No requests will be approved except at scheduled meetings.
  3. Attempts will be made to maintain a 15% liquidity of the fund.
  4. Approved projects will be submitted to the City Commission in writing for final approval.
  5. Additional criteria may be added as needed.


For more information, contact the City Administrator, phone 701-667-3210 or send an e-mail

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