Flashing beacons for pedestrian crossings are proposed at Fourth Ave SW and Canyon Rd SW.

Final Plans Underway for Phase II of 19th Street Trail

The City of Mandan contracted with SRF in the fall of 2020 to provide design services for phase II of the 19th Street trail, a project that has been in planning stages for a while. This phase of the project connects the existing trail on the southside of 19th Street from Macedonia Avenue west to Highway 6. Plans include flashing beacons for pedestrian crossings.

City Commissioners at a July 6 meeting, approved a decision document for the project. This step allows the City and SRF to move forward with final plans and bidding as proposed for 2022 construction.

The North Dakota Department of Transportation awarded a $290,000 transportation alternatives grant to the City for the project. As part of the grant, the City must abide by all the federal requirements for transportation alternatives.

Total project cost is estimated at $818,000. The City’s share is approximately $528,000 to be spread within a special assessment district. The Engineering and Planning Department drafted a special assessment district in 2018 and shared it with property owners in the area before phase I began. City Engineering and Planning Director Justin Froseth believes the district will look similar to the draft, with an estimated assessment of $572 per property in tier 1 (those closer to the improvement) and approximately $286 per property in tier 2. This estimate is lower than the 2018 estimate thanks to the grant.

Information on the project is available at cityofmandan.com/roadprojects. Please contact the Engineering and Planning Department with questions at 701-667-3225.