Uptick in Residential Activity Continues

Development of new residential subdivisions in Mandan is off to a strong start in 2022, a continuation of the uptick in activity seen in 2021. The City’s Engineering and Planning Department is actively reviewing plans for five new subdivisions that, at full build-out, could add 782 residential units to the community. Proposed developments are spurred by recent investments such as the north central area trunk sewer project and new schools.

In areas north of I-94, subdivisions actively being reviewed include

  • Rock Prairie Estates Addition - Rock Prairie Estates Addition is planned to include a mix of commercial and residential properties in northwest Mandan. At full build out, 82 lots will be platted. The first phase includes 24 single and twin-family homes and five commercial lots off of Old Red Trail NW with visibility to Interstate 94. Access to this subdivision is to come from Corvette St NW and eventually from a new street connecting to Old Red Trail NW
  • West Hills Fifth Addition
  • Sunrise View Estates Addition
  • Big Sky Estates Seventh Addition
  • Rockwood First AdditionThe City has reviewed a preliminary plat and zone change for a development to include single-family and twin-family homes, townhomes, apartments and condominiums. At full build out, the development consists of roughly 152 dwelling units. This subdivision will be located northeast of Mandan Middle School with access to 12th Ave NW and Beretta St NW.
  • Heck Addition - Mandan High School will be built in this subdivision in addition to six new commercial lots along Old Red Trail and Highway 1806 N.

In the south part of the city, new subdivision include:

  • Heart Ridge Fourth Addition
  • Keidel’s South Heart Terrace Fifth Addition - Keidel’s South Heart Terrace Fifth Addition is under review for proposed changes to the subdivision’s layout. Proposed changes include the addition of parkland, additional lots to the south and for a portion of the development to include the ability to construct twin-homes. The proposed masterplan is to have 288 lots with primary access from Eighth Ave and Fourth Ave SW.
  • Shores at Lakewood AdditionThe City is reviewing a masterplan, preliminary plat and zone change for a 218-lot development in west Lakewood, south of Prairie West Golf Course. The proposed subdivision includes amenity spaces, connections to Prairie West Golf Course and a man-made lake feature for storm water storage. The subdivision is to have primary access from McKenzie Dr SE. In its phase, 41 homes will be built around a park feature.
  • Heart River Villas AdditionThis development is to be located directly across from the new Lakewood Elementary School and includes 66 single and twin-family residences. Primary access to the development will come off of 38th Ave SE.

Plans indicate a range of housing types being proposed, from single-family homes to apartments. As these projects are being reviewed, opportunities for public engagement include Planning and Zoning and City Commission public hearings and by contacting Principal Planner Andrew Stromme at 701-667-3225.