Odor Awareness Letter to Lakewood Residents

The below was sent to the Lakewood HOA at the end of May in regards to past odor concerns coming from the Wastewater Treatment Plant and what the City is doing to combat the issue this year. 

Notice to Residents of Lakewood:

In past years, the City of Mandan has heard concerns from the public about odors coming from our Wastewater Treatment Plant and we take those concerns very seriously. While we continue to search for that ultimate solution for odor control, we must acknowledge that the non-hazardous gases that escape and cause these odors are not concerned with our desired outcomes.

A little on the science of it, the City of Mandan Wastewater Treatment Plant has a Facultative Sludge Basin (FSB) that is subject to environmental conditions such as wind/temperature changes that can cause odors to be produced. The odor release results from the warming of surface layers and an increase in water density in the FSB. Dense surface layers sink, stirring up bottom sediment and forcing lighter bottom water layers to the surface. The odorous compounds, such as hydrogen sulfide, previously trapped in the bottom sediments are released into the air. The concentrations of these gases are low and are not harmful to the health of area residents. Objectionable odors are typically observed between early June and early July when the change in water temperature is most rapid. The problem is most notable when strong winds churn the water.

In order to combat the issue, this year the Wastewater Treatment Plant is trying a new tactic, utilizing the Moleaer Nanobubble System, in an attempt to further reduce odors during this time frame. Click here to view a video on how this process works.

We apologize in advance if odors are noticed. While we continue to look for optimal ways to reduce odors, we do still anticipate odors during the June into July timeframe. Please contact Wastewater Treatment Plan Superintendent Steve Himmelspach at 701-667-3278 or Planning & Engineering Director Justin Froseth at 701-667-3225 with any questions or concerns.