Can Signs be Placed in the City Right-of-Way?

The City’s Code of Ordinances Section 18-3-5 covers the posting of handbills, posters and placards. These provisions include any signage placed within the right-of-way, or boulevard, and is relevant this time of year during elections. As a general rule of thumb, signs cannot be placed in the public right-of-way or on public property. Permission to place signage on private property must be obtained from the property owner.

A sign may be placed anywhere on an individual’s property, which typically ends where the sidewalk begins and excludes the area between the sidewalk and the street. However, signage cannot obstruct the vision of the traveling public at street corners.

The City does not actively seek out violations, however, if a complaint is received regarding signage, it will be investigated to determine if the sign is placed properly. If improperly placed, the property owner or person who placed the sign will be notified and asked to remove the sign.

If you believe a sign is improperly placed, call 667-3264 or visit