Sump Pump Reminder

The City of Mandan Engineering & Planning department reminds citizens to check their sump pumps to ensure proper functionality. It is especially important this year, heading into winter with above average moisture in the ground.

Discharge of sump water. Drain sump water away from your home on to a non-erodible surface such as concrete so that it will drain into the street if possible. Discharging into your own yard, may cause the water to return to your sump.

Please do not pump water into your floor drains, toilets, or sinks in your home as that increases the volume of ground water to the wastewater treatment plant which is not set up to treat large volumes of ground water. Drainage of sump pumps into the sanitary sewer is against City ordinance. However, if necessary to pump during winter months, and if reasonable concerns that such pumping will result in freezing in unwanted locations, the City will allow conditional pumping into the city sanitary sewer system from Oct. 1 through March 31 with a signed seasonal waiver form. This form is available at or in the Engineering & Planning office at City Hall.