This photo shows calcium buildup on an internal shower cartridge. There is buildup on left or hot water side and no buildup on right or cold water side.

Tips About Hot Water Deposits

The City of Mandan Water Treatment Plant has become aware that a few (less than 10) homeowners are having issues with reduced water flow due to solids precipitation building up on the hot water side of fixtures and appliances. The common denominator seems to be hot water recirculating pumps, high hot water temperature and PEX (plastic) piping. The City of Mandan is recommending the following steps to reduce solid buildup.
  • Either remove or unplug your hot water recirculation pump, or use a timer to reduce the use of the recirculation pump.
  • Set hot water temperature to 120° to 130° as recommended
  • A filter could also be installed on the discharge side of hot water heater to collect solids.
  • If you have a magnesium anode in your hot water heater switching to aluminum may help.
If you have any questions or concerns contact Mandan Water Treatment Plant Superintendent Duane Friesz between the hours of 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday at 701-667-3275.