Mandan Union Cemetery Reminders

The City’s grounds maintenance staff works diligently to keep Mandan Union Cemetery looking nice, but would like to share some reminders for residents:
  • Floral items may be placed on graves no earlier than seven days prior to the following holidays: Independence Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter and Memorial Day. Staff will dispose of remaining items within 14 days after the holiday.
  • Floral and commemorative items attached to headstones and placed in a way that allows for unobstructed mowing and trimming can be placed anytime, but will be removed when they become unsightly or faded.
  • Fresh flowers may be placed on gravesites at any time, but no wrapping, plastic or glass containers are allowed.
  • Ground level planting of annuals is permitted on the east side of headstones. The maximum planting area is the length of the headstone and no wider than 8 inches.
  • Borders or rocks are not permitted.
  • Planting of trees, shrubs or any permanent plantings is not permitted on gravesites.

Permanent plantings not allowed. Permanent plantings are not permitted on gravesites because memorials become compromised or damaged as plantings grow. Those who have planted trees or shrubs in the cemetery are asked to remove them. For removal questions, please contact the Grounds Maintenance Department at 701-667-3240 ext. 7.

Mandan Union Cemetery graciously accepts trees for donation, however the donated tree planting must be coordinated with staff to ensure proper placement. In addition, the Mandan Union Memorial Fund, created to accept donations in memory of loved ones, uses monetary donations for beautification and upkeep of the cemetery. To donate, please contact Jodi Jangula at 701-667-3240.