City Commissioner Brad Olson

City Commissioner Brad Olson Announces Resignation

June 19, 2024 –During the June 18 Mandan City Commission Meeting, Commissioner Brad Olson announced his resignation from the Board of City Commissioners effective immediately. Olson shared he is needed in Nebraska where his family is located and isn’t able to finish out his term.

“I want to thank the people of Mandan, Mandan Park District, City of Mandan staff, all the boards and committees I was a part of, City Administrator Jim Neubauer and my fellow commissioners,” said Olson. “Mandan is such a great place and it’ll always be home.”

Next steps. City Attorney Amy Oster advised on how the commission could fill the unexpired term during the meeting. The board may choose to call a special election, citizens can petition for a special election, or the board may appoint a person to fill the unexpired term through 2026, if no petition is filed.

Outgoing Mayor Tim Helbling stated he would like for incoming Mayor James Froehlich and new City Commissioner Craig Sjoberg to be a part of the decision making process for filling the unexpired terms.

Citizens have the option to petition for a special election. A petition for special election will need signatures from more than 5% of the qualified voters in the last election. A petition will need to be filed with the City Administrator’s office by 4 p.m. on Wednesday, July 3. At this time, the Morton County Canvassing Board hasn’t met and an official number of voters from the June 11 election is not available, however City leaders believe at least 140 signatures would qualify.

If a special election is not called for, the Commission may appoint a person to fill the remainder of the term after July 5. Stay tuned to for more information.