Asset Forfeiture Funds Used to Purchase Police Equipment

Earlier this year, the City Commission approved two request from the Mandan Police Department to make purchases through its asset forfeiture fund. This spring, the department purchased a used police motorcycle from Roughrider Harley Davidson and a drone. Both items will assist the department in different ways.

The motorcycle will be used to help the department be proactive in traffic enforcement. It provides officers with the ability to sit and monitor traffic in areas difficult for a patrol car. The department has upgraded helmets, the communication system, and motor officer uniforms.

Six Mandan Police officers are trained to operate the motorcycles. Motor officers will more than likely be patrolling during extra duty paid through a grant. The state of North Dakota offers grants which help pay for overtime of officers working traffic enforcement, specifically seat belt enforcement, distracted driving and DUIs.

Total cost of the motorcycle and equipment was $10,985.

Drone. The Police Department also purchased its second drone for $9,200 this spring. Just over $7,000 came from donations with the remainder being funded through the asset forfeiture fund. A second drone helps expand capabilities in areas such as missing persons searches, crime scene investigations and high risk incidents. Since January, the first drone has been used in four missions and for numerous hours of training. Five officers attended training and received Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certification to operate the drones.

What is the asset forfeiture fund? Asset forfeiture funds come from money ceased through the courts from criminal activity. Some of the funds are transferred from cases handled by the local combined drug task force. Purchases like the motorcycle and drone fall within state guidelines for use of the funds as long as approved by the City Commission.

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