Best Practices for Disposing of Grease

The Wastewater Treatment Plant is seeing higher than normal accumulations of grease in sewer pipes which can lead to sewer back-ups.

How does the grease get into your sewer?
When cooking waste (such as grease, oil, & food scraps) is disposed of down the drain, it clings to the sides of sewer pipes, leading to clogged pipes and sewer back-ups.

How you can help:
  • The proper way to get rid of grease is to pour it into a tin can, let it cool, and then throw the can into the trash.
  • Throw food waste into the trash, not down the drain.
  • Recycle used non-contaminated fryer oils, FREE of charge at the City Landfill located at 4103 Co Rd 82.
For questions about the proper way to dispose of grease and oils, contact the Wastewater Treatment Plant at 667-3278.