Employees recognized during the Nov. 2 meeting gathered for a picture with Commissioner Camisa & Commissioner Braun.

Employees Recognized for Years of Service

The Mandan City Commission recognized employee years of service during its Nov. 2 meeting. Thank you for your service and dedication to the City of Mandan.

30 Years: Mike Hanson, Mary Himmelspach, and Brent Wilmeth
25 Years: Terry Aasand and Kimberly Hust
20 Years: Michael Anfinson, Mitch Bitz, and Brendan Jochim
15 Years: Andrew Beck, Mary Henderson, Ellen Huber, Patrick Martin, David Raugust, Heidi Schuchard, and James Steinman
10 Years: Gary Benz, April Bowman, Peter Finck, and Susan Harmon
5 Years: Leo Belgarde, John Dannenberg, Wiley Irvine, Coleton Schmidt, Michael Wood, and Jason Ziegler.