Three phases of the Downtown Street Improvement project are being planned. Funding was awarded for phase I.

City Awarded $2.35M for Phase I of Downtown Street Improvement Project

Aug. 25, 2023 – The City Commission recently accepted a North Dakota Department of Transportation (NDDOT) Urban Grant Program award of $2.35 million for a project that will improve the avenues and First Street NW in the core downtown area.

The Urban Grant Program provides funding of up to 80%, which would be about $3.2 million for each phase. In the past, the maximum amount granted to any one project through the program was $2.63 million. In February, the City Engineering Department applied for $2.6 million for each phase I and II of the project, to be completed in subsequent years. The awarded amount was around $300,000 less than requested for phase I only.

“It’s not ideal to not have a commitment for phase II of the project, but phase I needs are very evident” said former City Engineer Justin Froseth.

The Engineering Department plans to apply for phase II when applications open for the 2027 program year. If successful, the City could still do both phase I and II in subsequent years by bidding phase I late in 2025 and constructing in 2026, then bidding phase II in early 2027 with construction the same year.

Project details. A three-phase approach working west to east, about four blocks at a time is planned. The award is for only phase I of the project, to begin in 2025. Phase I focuses on the area of First Street NW from Fourth Ave NW to Sixth Ave NW. The two additional phases would address:

  • (Phase II) Second Ave NW to east of Fourth Ave NW, addressing the avenues south of First St.
  • (Phase III) East of Second Ave NW to Collins Ave, including Second and Third Avenues north of First St.

Funding. The City continues to look at additional funding sources to cover the cost of all phases of the project. A special assessment district would more than likely need to be created to cover a portion of the local share. Additional details will be shared as planning for phase I begins.

Please contact the Engineering Department at 701-667-3225 with questions or for more information.