Recycling Reroute Begins in January

Waste Management is rerouting the city’s curbside recycling service. The reroute will begin Jan. 1, 2022. It will reduce truck traffic on residential streets, enhance safety, and improve the recycling service.

Currently, recycling is collected every other week, and odd-even house numbers determine the collection schedule. Utilizing the existing household garbage collection map, Waste Management has split each existing daily area into zones A and B. Collection remains every other week and garbage and recycling are on the same day of the week. However, recycling trucks will now collect on both sides of the street when in an area.

“Moving to zone collection reduces confusion on when recycling is collected,” said Waste Management Public Sector Services Representative Paul Kalibabky, “Residents will set out their recycling cart, with their garbage cart, when their A or B zone is scheduled for collection.”

Safety is improved because Waste Management’s collection trucks are not in the same area every week, decreasing the number of trips on residential street and preserving the city’s infrastructure.

The 2022 community calendar will include the new recycling map and collection schedule. Residents will soon be able to visit and search by address to see which zone they are in and what day of the week collection will take place.