Special Assessment District Created for 19th Street Trail Phase II

Phase two of the 19th Street trail is set to be bid in February for 2022 construction. The first part of the project created a trail from Fort Lincoln Elementary school to Macedonia Ave on the south side of 19th Street SW. Phase II will extend the trail west to Highway 6.

Total project cost is estimated at $855,247. A North Dakota Department of Transportation (NDDOT) transportation alternatives grant of up to $290,000 will help, however a special assessment district is necessary to fully fund the project.

Of the total cost, $565,247 is estimated to be paid through special assessments spread over the benefitting properties identified within the district. The district is split into two tiers based on proximity to the improvement. A typical, single family property in tier one, located closer to the improvements, should expect to be assessed about $540. The same type of property in tier two, further away from the improvements but still considered a benefitting property, is anticipated to be assessed $270. Due to the relatively low amount, the special assessment period will be five years. The final allocation of assessments will be determined by the City Commission at the conclusion of the project after a review and approval by the Special Assessment Commission.

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For more information about the project itself, visit this link.