Pet Owner Reminders from Mandan Municipal Code

As a reminder, the City has established ordinances related to pets within the City limits:

  • No person shall keep or maintain more than three dogs and three cats, six months of age or older. (Sec. 6-2-6)
  • Cats and dogs over the age of six months must be licensed through the Mandan Police Department, identified by a tag that states the name and phone number of the owner, and be vaccinated for rabies. (Sec. 6-2-7)
  • Dogs must be restrained from running at-large at all times, except within the dog park. (Sec. 6-2-2)
  • A dog is consider under restraint if it is within the real property limits of its owner and securely confined by a fence or tether with doesn’t allow the dog to reach the property of another person, public walkway or road. (Sec. 6-2-2)
  • A dog is consider under restraint if it is secured by a leash or lead no more than six-feet in length held by a person capable of controlling the dog. (Sec. 6-2-2)
  • Owners must keep dogs and cats from defecating on a neighbor’s property or on public walkways/recreation areas. The exception is if the pet owner property removes and disposes of the waste immediately. (Sec. 6-2-1)
  • Barking, yelping, howling must be kept to a minimum. (Sec. 6-2-1
  • Permits are required for chickens in City limits. Please see Sec. 105-1-16 of the Mandan Code of Ordinance or contact the Planning Department for more information.

These codes are in place to provide a safe community for all Mandan residents and visitors. Please contact the Police Department at 701-667-3250 with questions related to the licensing or nuisance of pets.  Report concerns at