Preventative Maintenance Planned for Streets in Plainview Area

A project providing preventative maintenance to streets in the Plainview area is being planned for 2022 construction. This is the area south of the Heart River, west of Highway 1806 S, and east of Eighth Ave SE. The project area runs from Eighth Ave SE to Highway 1806, Plainview Dr SE, 10th Ave SE and 14th Ave SE from 27th St SE to their respective dead ends.

The project includes chip seal, mill and overlay along with some asphalt patching and minor concrete work. The majority of the work is relatively low impact to give new life to many of the streets.

Engineering staff recommends the special assessment district be divided equally among all residential properties in the improvement area, an approach supported by the City’s special assessment policy. For the few, non-residential properties in the district, special assessments will be assigned based on street frontage.

Construction costs are estimated at $1.6 million to be paid by special assessments. Based on the engineer’s estimate, a typical single family parcel would be allocated about $1,700 to be paid back over a seven-year term. Final distribution of assessments will be determined by City Commission at the conclusion of the project after review and approval by the Special Assessment Commission.

The Engineering and Planning department mailed letters to property owners in the special assessment district in March. These letters are mailed as a courtesy to inform property owners of the district, project information, estimated costs and protest period. The bid opening is planned for April.

Please contact the Engineering and Planning Department at 701-667-3225 with questions.