Street Maintenance Planned for North Central Part of Mandan, Portion of Plainview Area

The City of Mandan plans preventative street maintenance projects annually to keep streets in good condition, typically this is done through a chip seal and surface treatment. This helps prolong the need for a total reconstruct project, which could cost up to 20 times more than a maintenance project.

The City Commission considered the 2023 street improvement project at its Jan. 17 meeting, however, the Engineering Department plans to bring it back for further consideration on Feb. 7 after modifying the plan.

Area 1. This project provides preventative maintenance with some spot locations of full depth improvements to streets in northwest and northeast Mandan—south of I-94. Area 1 includes the area from Sunset Drive to Eighth Avenue NE and I-94 south to Division Street NW. It was about 10 years ago when a project was last completed in the area.

Area 2. The Engineering Department is also planning to continue street maintenance in the Plainview area through this district. This area will focus on 27th Street SE from Eighth Avenue SE to 14th Avenue and south toward their respective dead ends. Last year, a project was completed in the neighboring area, however it was determined the project scope wasn’t ideal for some of the streets south of 27th Street. While this area was originally scoped as mainly preventative maintenance, some reconstruction is necessary given the current state of the base structure.

Special Assessment District. The total project cost is estimated at $6.2 million to be paid by special assessments. Final distribution of assessments will be determined by City Commission at the conclusion of the project after review and approval by the Special Assessment Commission.

Letters for individual properties’ assessments will be mailed to each property after the resolution is published in the Mandan News, anticipated to be Feb. 10. These letters are sent as a courtesy to inform property owners of the district, project information, estimated costs and protest period. If commission approves moving forward at its Feb. 7 meeting, letters of protest will be accepted in the Engineering Department until 4:30 p.m. on March 13.

The bid opening is also planned for March with construction this year. Please contact the Engineering Department at 701-667-3225 with questions.