2022 Mill Levy Comparison

City Portion of Tax Bill & Overall Property Taxes Remains in Lower Half Compared to Largest Cities

A North Dakota League of Cities report indicates Mandan’s consolidated mill levy ranks fifth lowest of the state’s 13 largest cities.

The share of property taxes consists of Morton County, Mandan Public School District, City of Mandan, Mandan Parks and Recreation, Lower Heart Water Resource District and State of North Dakota. The City’s portion of the total property taxes is 22%, which is lower than the average (26%) of the 13 largest cities.

Mandan’s levy for 2022 is 1.44% of value for commercial property and 1.32% of value for residential.

Factors behind differences in mill levies include sales tax base and whether a city or county benefits from natural resources such as oil, gas and coal, among other things. For example, the City of Minot generally doesn’t special assess for street improvement projects, therefore falls in the high end of the ranking when compared to the state’s largest cities. Market values also vary by city.