Construction on Highway 1806 S in Mandan Beginning Soon

The North Dakota Department of Transportation (NDDOT) expects a construction project along Highway 1806 S in Mandan to begin June 1. The roadway from Main Street to Eighth Ave SE will undergo traffic signal replacement, concrete pavement repair, curb ramp updates, lighting updates and lane reallocation with striping changes.

A portion of the roadway that is four lanes is to be reconfigured to three with a dedicated left turn lane. The NDDOT intends to implement the lane change for the purpose of traffic calming to reduce speeding and prevent rear-end crashes.

The project is to be complete within 55 working days from starting construction or July 18, whichever is first. Traffic signal updates and a flashing beacon are to be installed by Nov. 19.

INFORMATIONAL MEETING. The NDDOT and contractor for the project, Northern Improvement, will hold an informational meeting and open house for property owners and businesses adjacent to the roadway. The meeting will be held Wednesday, May 25 from 4-5 p.m. at Mandan City Hall, 205 Second Ave NW, in the Veterans Conference Room.

Minor repairs to the Heart River Bridge, also known as Sitting Bull Bridge, on Highway 1806 S began in late April. Bridge work is expected to take about four months to complete with both lanes of traffic remaining open during construction.

The City’s cost share of the $2.27 million project is 10% to be covered through the sales tax fund.

Please contact NDDOT Project Engineer Loren Lee at 701-328-6961 with construction questions. Updates will be posted periodically at