The image above depicts street improvement district 219 for the Hwy 1806 N reconstruction project.

Special Assessment District Created for Hwy 1806 N Reconstruction Project

During the Jan. 19 meeting, City Commissioners approved the resolution creating Street Improvement District 219 for the Highway 1806 North reconstruction project.

The project will reconstruct and widen Old Red Trail from Mandan Avenue to Collins Ave, install a round-about for optimal traffic control at the intersection of Old Red Trail and Collins Avenue, then widen Highway 1806 to the north past 27th Street NW where turn lanes will be added. It also includes some spot improvements to Mandan Avenue between I-94 and the refinery gates and surface improvements to interstate ramps.

The total cost will be shared with the North Dakota Department of Transportation (NDDOT). The City of Mandan is responsible for 10% of the approximate $8.79 million project. The local share of the road and storm sewer portion is an estimated $879,000. The local share will be paid with 25% from the sales tax fund, 25% from city-wide property taxes and 50% through special assessments to nearby properties. Therefore, the amount to be special assessed to the district is half the local amount, about $440,000. Separate from the special assessment district, but part of the project, is a sanitary sewer extension that the City will cover through the utility fund.

Since classified as an arterial roadway, the special assessment district extends approximately halfway to the next arterial roadway from the project area. The district extends east of Mandan Avenue to Eighth Avenue NW and from the interstate to about a quarter-mile north of 27th Street NW. Consistent with the special assessment policy, the allocation for commercial properties within the district is by area and for residential properties it is per unit.

The Engineering and Planning Department mailed letters in January to every property in the district, a process not required by state law, but that allows the City to be transparent. Property owners in the district may submit written protest to the City Administrator to be received by 4:30 p.m. on Feb. 22. The City Commission will determine sufficiency of protests during its March 2 meeting. If approved in March, the project would go forward as planned this construction season.