Mandan Airport changes name to Mandan Regional Airport - Lawler Field

Former airport manager James “Jim” Lawler passed away in October 2020 after nearly 40 years of service to the Mandan Airport and the City. Lawler unselfishly dedicated his life and long hours to the airport and helped grow it to one of the busiest general aviation airports in North Dakota.

The Mandan Airport Authority requested the airport’s name be changed to Mandan Regional Airport – Lawler Field in his honor. Along with the name change, the FAA identifier, which denotes the airport has AWOS3 weather reporting capability and instrument approaches, is being changed from “Y19” to “KJLL.”

“The airport has truly evolved from a local airport to a regional airport,” said former Airport Authority member Dr. Dale Klein.

The City Commission unanimously approved the request.


Gerhardt hopes to continue Lawler's work as new airport manager. Lindsay Gerhart began working as interim airport manager in September 2020. Gerhardt has experience working in both commercial and general aviation. She earned her private pilot’s license and is National Air Transportation Association (NATA) certified for fueling all aircraft.

Gerhardt was named the new airport manager in February 2021. She is responsible for maintaining the airport grounds, bookkeeping, billing and tending to needs of airport tenants.

Gerhardt knew Lawler for years and learned a lot from him during the short time they worked together.  “I hope to continue Jim’s work of expanding the airport to bigger and better things and keeping aviation alive in the community,” said Gerhardt.