2022 Community Calendar Arriving in December

Mandan and Morton County public and private entities have again partnered for a collaborative community calendar for 2022. They are sending the calendar in December to all Morton County mailing addresses. It will also be available online through websites of the City of Mandan, Morton County, Mandan Public Schools, Mandan Park District, and Mandan Progress Organization.

The calendar provides residents, businesses and visitors with important dates and resource information such as recycling and garbage schedules, major events and contacts.

A digital version at mylocalevents.org interfaces with Outlook and other calendar applications. Public information and marketing staff with each partner entity will update the digital version of the calendar throughout the year as additional dates become available for meetings, activities and events.


GARBAGE & RECYCLING COLLECTION SCHEDULE IN CALENDAR. The 2022 Morton County & Mandan Community Calendar includes the City of Mandan household garbage and recycling collection schedules.

Household Garbage. On page 29 of the calendar, there’s a color-coded household garbage collection map. Each color is specific to a certain area of town and day of collection. Find the color for your area of town. In the calendar grid for each month, the corresponding colored garbage can icon shows the scheduled day of collection each week for that area.

Recycling. Waste Management is rerouting the city's curbside recycling service beginning the week of Jan. 3, 2022. Recycling will still be collected every other week, the same day as your household garbage. Recycling trucks will now collect on both sides of the street during the same week. In the calendar grid for each month, a recycling icon with either an A or B inside the symbol will be shown. On the map provided on page 29, identify if you are located in an A or B week to determine when your collection is, or click here to enter your address in our interactive map to find out if you are in an A or B week (after entering an address, click on the color outside the locator dot for your recycling zone and pickup day). More simplistic recycling calendars are also available at cityofmandan.com/recycle and will be mailed with the December utility bill mailing. 

Please note, this information is intended to explain how to interpret the color-coding and symbols used in the 2022 community calendar. Additional information is available at cityofmandan.com/recycle and cityofmandan.com/garbage.