Sign Up for the e-Messenger for a Chance to Win Mandan Bucks

The City of Mandan’s monthly e-newsletter, the Mandan e-Messenger, is another way to get the most current information in resident hands in a timely manner. This email newsletter is issued the first week of every month.

As more residents use e-billing services to pay water bills, City officials still want to get them information. To encourage sign-ups, the City of Mandan Business Development and Communications Department is offering a chance to win Mandan Bucks.

Sign up to receive the e-newsletter directly to your e-mail inbox at cityofmandan.com/messenger to be entered. The dollar amount of Mandan Bucks awarded will be determined by how many people sign up by the end of Friday, Sept. 30:

  • 50 new sign-ups, one lucky winner $50 in Mandan Bucks;
  • 100 new sign-ups, two lucky winners $50 in Mandan Bucks each;
  • 200 new sign-ups, four lucky winners $50 in Mandan Bucks each; or
  • 500 new sign-ups, five lucky winners $100 in Mandan Bucks each.

Already signed up? If you’ve already signed up to receive the e-Messenger, there’s something in this giveaway for you! If we get 500 new people signed up by Sept. 30, one of the $100 winners will come from those already receiving the newsletter. So be sure to share this with your friends and family!

We’ll keep track of every new sign-up between now and the deadline and will draw for winners on Oct. 3. Winners will be notified by e-mail and prizes will be sent in the mail.

Mandan Bucks are gift certificates redeemable for products and services at most Mandan businesses.