2020 Census Data Shows Growth Statewide, Locally

Population data recently released from the U.S. Census Bureau puts Mandan’s population at 24,206, up 32% from the 2010 census. Morton County’s population is 33,291 up 21%. In fact, North Dakota’s overall growth was the fourth-highest in the nation at 15.8%.

State lawmakers met Aug. 26 to analyze the data and begin discussing legislative districts. Each legislative district must represent roughly the same number of people. The initial meetings will be followed by at least six others statewide to gather input on a new legislative map that will influence the political balance of power for the next decade. This growth means that legislative power could shift toward cities. Legislative redistricting is a normal process following a federal census every 10 years.

Across the river, Bismarck’s population grew to 73,622 residents, up 20%. Burleigh County’s population is 98,458, up 21%.

Additional census information will be made available in September. Stay tuned for more information.