Trimming Boulevard Trees

The City’s Forestry Department recently mailed out letters notifying property owners in the Terra Vallee area and area south of the Heart River and north of 19th Street of the requirement to trim boulevard trees. Mandan Municipal Code Sec. 115-4-7 requires trees or shrubs that overhang sidewalks, streets or other public places in a way that interferes with traffic or travel must be trimmed by the owner of the abutting property or the property on which the tree or shrub grows. This includes trees and shrubs in boulevards and city right-of-way and any that hang within 14 feet of a street or 10 feet of a sidewalk as measured vertically.

Trimming overhanging branches is important to allow staff to perform proper street maintenance, such as snow plowing or sweeping all the way to the curb line, without causing damage to City owned equipment like street sweepers, snow plows, firetrucks, etc. Overhanging branches may also damage garbage trucks, school buses and parcel delivery vehicles.

TRIMMING TREES IN THE WINTER. According to NDSU Extension Service, winter months are the preferred time to prune, or trim, a tree to reduce the amount of stress on the trees. When trees are dormant during the cold weather months, it removes the threat of pests and diseases being present, making them less susceptible of infection on fresh wounds and cuts.  

Residents may dispose of tree branches 4 inches in diameter or smaller for free at the City Landfill or at the tree branch collection site located next to the dog park at 8th Ave SE and Hwy 1806 South.

Another round of letters will be mailed in March to properties in the area south of 19th Street around Ft. Lincoln Elementary School.

The Forestry Department plans to continue this process annually, between the months of November and March, working on different areas of the City each year. Please contact the Forestry Department at 667-3240 ext. 8 with any questions or concerns.