Annual Sidewalk/Apron/Curb&Gutter Project

The City of Mandan Engineering Department is preparing the annual municipal concrete contract, which gives residents the option to request repairs to their sidewalk or driveway apron. The work will be done by the lowest bidding contractor and the cost can be assessed to the parcel over a five-year payback period. Residents may cancel their request for repairs before the work is started on their property.

The bid opening will be in March 2024, with the lowest bidder being awarded the project.

If you are interested in having the City of Mandan's sidewalk contractor do your concrete work in the street right-of-way, please fill out the form below. Projects will be accepted after the contractor begins, but staff would like to receive the majority of requests sooner to obtain better bids for the load of work expected.

Questions? Please call 701-667-3225 or e-mail


Annual Sidewalk/Apron/Curb&Gutter Project Request Form

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