Forms & Applications

Adopt-a-Street Agreement

Animal License

Architectural Review Commission Application (MARC Application for Issuance of a Commercial Building Permit)

Assessing - Sales Ratio Questionnaire

Brownfields Site Nomination Form

Building Permit - Insulation Form

Building Permit - New Commercial Building & Site Plan

Building Permit - Residential Building Application

Building Permit Application (shed, etc.)

Business - Food License Application

Business - General License Application (Tree Trimmer; Pawnbroker; Garbage Hauler; Billboard & Sign Hanger; Mobile Home Court)

Business Assistance & Incentives

Business Directory - Business Claim

Business Incentive Agreement (SFN 59686)

Business Incentives - Fire Sprinkler Assistance Application

Business Incentives - Growth Fund Application

Business Incentives - Growth Fund PACE & Flex PACE Application

Business Incentives - Low Interest Loans  

Business Incentives - Retail Incentive Program Application

Business Incentives - Storefront Improvement Program Application

Business Incentives - Tax Increment Financing (TIF) Policy & Application

Business Incentives - W-9 Form

Business Licensing & Permits

Business Sign Permit

Cemetery Donation Form

Chickens - Backyard Permit

Community Beautification Recognition Program Nomination Form

Election - Absentee Voting Application

Election - Campaign Disclosure Statement (SFN 53970)

Election - Petition/Certificate of Nomination (SFN 02701)

Election - Statement of Interests (SFN 10172)

Employee Information & Forms

Engineering - Construction - Bid Bond

Engineering - Construction - General Contract

Engineering - Right-of-Way Permit

Engineering - Right-of-Way Vacation

Engineering - Seasonal Sump Pump Waiver Form

Engineering - Sidewalk/Apron on Specials Agreement

Event Permit Application

Fireworks Stand Temporary Use Permit Application

Floodplain Development Form

Friends of the Morton Mandan Public Library Membership Form

Gaming - Rental Agreement (SFN 9413)

Gaming Applications

Gaming Site Authorization (SFN 17996)

Library Card Application 

Liquor License - Cabaret License Application

Liquor License - Caterers Permit Application

Liquor License - Club License Application

Liquor License - Corporation Application

Liquor License - Individual or Partnership Application

Liquor License - Renewal Application - Retail Alcoholic Beverage Application

Liquor License - Special "B" Permit

Mural Application Packet

Planning & Zoning Applications

Photo Release Form

Planning & Zoning - Annexation Application

Planning & Zoning - Conditional/Special Use Application

Planning & Zoning - Development Application

Planning & Zoning - Future Land Use Map Amendment Application

Planning & Zoning Masterplanned Subdivision Application

Planning & Zoning - Variance Application

Planning & Zoning - Zoning Amendment  Application

Planning & Zoning - Final Plat  Application 

Planning & Zoning - Minor Plat Application

Planning & Zoning - Preliminary Plat  Application

Property Tax Exemptions - Commercial - Charitable

Property Tax Exemptions - Commercial - N.D. Tax Department Application for New & Expanding Businesses

Property Tax Exemptions - Commercial - New or Expanding Business

Property Tax Exemptions - Commercial Remodeling

Property Tax Exemptions - Residential - New Residence

Property Tax Exemptions - Residential - Blind

Property Tax Exemptions - Residential - Disabled Veterans Property Tax Credit Applications (SFN 24770)

Property Tax Exemptions - Residential - Homestead Tax Credit for Senior Citizens or Disabled Persons

Property Tax Exemptions - Residential - Physicians Certificate

Property Tax Exemptions - Residential - Remodeling

Property Tax Exemptions - Residential - Wheelchair

Property Tax Exemptions - Supplemental Application for New & Expanding Businesses

Renaissance Zone Application

Renaissance Zone - Certificate of Good Standing - Form to Request (SFN 28220)

Report A Concern

Special Assessment Form

Taxicab Company Application

Tobacco License Application

Transient Merchant Documents

Transient Merchant Permit Application

Utility Billing - Commercial - Start Service Form

Utility Billing - Residential - Start Service Form