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Finance Department


Audit Report

Business Licensing & Permits

Credit Card Policy & Forms

Food and Beverage Purchase Policy

Local Taxes

Special Assessments

Utility Billing


Mission Statement
The mission of the finance department is to provide accurate and timely budget, accounting and financial reporting information to citizens, city commission and departments, in accordance with City policies, State laws and Federal regulations.

The finance department is responsible for maintaining a city-wide financial system to support the City’s operations. The department provides the following services:

  • cash and treasury management
  • accounts receivable and utility billing
  • business licenses and permits
  • special assessment payments and balances
  • accounts payable and payroll
  • capital assets and debt management
  • budgeting, accounting and financial reporting
  • finance records management

The continuing goals of the finance department are:

  • prepare accurate and timely financial information
  • deliver efficient and quality customer service
  • demonstrate accountability and transparency
  • maintain adequate internal control procedures
  • ensure compliance with various policies, laws and regulations
  • develop financially sound budgets for providing city services at a fair and reasonable cost