Adopt - A - Street Program

Public Works Director Jeff Wright encourages community-based groups, local businesses or school organizations to participate in Adopt-a-Street throughout the city.

Besides picking up litter along streets, organizations may take on beautification projects, such as planting and maintaining flower beds. Thank you to the following businesses and community members for their help with these areas:

  • East Main Street — from Memorial Highway to Twin City Drive SE; MFRA Engineering
  • Sixth Ave SE — from Main to Third Street SE; Centre, Inc.
  • Old Red Trail — from Collins Avenue to Mandan Avenue; Mandan Diner and Soda Fountain
  • Old Red Trail — Sunset Drive to Collins Avenue; led by Judy Lishout with participation from approximately 16 other families and individuals.

Other areas available for adoption include:

  • “Welcome to Mandan” signs at the west and east ends of Main Street,
  • MANDAN letters in concrete and the trees on Crying Hill,
  • walking path gazebo by Sitting Bull Bridge by the Heart River.

Addtional ideas welcomed.

Adopt-A-Street agreements are for a minimum of two years. The group agrees to pick up litter in right-of-ways on a volunteer basis two times per year or as needed. In return, the City will post a sign on each end of an adopted section with the group’s name. The Public Works Department provides trash bags and picks up filled bags.

Anyone interested in assisting may pick up a copy of the agreement at the Public Works Office at 411 6th Avenue SW or download it using the link below.

For more information, please contact the Public Works Department at 667-3240, and ask for Jeff.