Boulevard Trees


Municipal code states that the property owner is responsible for the trimming of boulevard trees in regard to vehicle or pedestrian clearance and sight problems with obstructing trees.

The city arborist will provide for the trimming of boulevard trees which interfere with street lights and traffic signs.

Boulevard Tree-Planting Program

A boulevard tree-planting program in Mandan was initiated in the spring of 2004. This program, through the cooperative efforts of homeowners, local businesses, and the Mandan Forestry Division, encourages Mandan residents or property-owners to plant boulevard trees.

Donations of all amounts are appreciated. The City recognizes donors in the Mandan Messenger monthly newsletter, posts on the City Facebook page and on this website. The City Commission will present plaques in 2018 to those providing $500 or more by June 1.  In addition, the names of donors contributing $1,000 or more will be included on a permanent plaque to be displayed in the Ed “Bosh” Froelich meeting room at Mandan City Hall. The City will guarantee matching at least $2,500 of total donations received.

What Constitutes the Boulevard?

The “boulevard” is a set measurement of the city right-of-way from the center line of the street. Different streets in Mandan may have different “right-of-way” measurements. Keep in mind that this right-of-way is measured irrespective of any sidewalk along the street. As a result, the boulevard or right-of-way may extend well beyond the sidewalk toward the house or building. This is especially true if the sidewalk is directly adjacent to the street. Any trees planted within this right-of-way may be eligible for a partial monetary reimbursement from the city of Mandan.

Guidelines for Participation

The resident or property-owner is responsible for the purchase and planting of the trees. See the list of the tree varieties allowed for boulevard plantings. If you have questions, contract City Forestry Department at 751-7894.

**SPECIAL NOTE** Before these boulevard trees are planted, contact the City Forestry Department to verify that an acceptable tree species is planted with the proper spacing.

Once the tree (or trees) has been planted, and the forester has inspected the site, the Mandan resident or property-owner may be reimbursed for the partial cost of each tree. Reimbursement to the purchaser will be half the price of the tree, up to $50. The limit is $300 per property for 2018. Submit a copy of your original sales receipt for the tree purchase (the receipt needs to show the species of trees purchased, the cost for each tree, and the name of the company from which they were purchased) mail your receipts to the Forestry Department, 411 6th Avenue SW, Mandan ND 58554. The Forestry Department will reimburse you accordingly. The rebate comes in the form of a check  from City Hall in downtown Mandan.

There has been excellent participation in the last thirteen years, and funds are usually available for the entire planting season from April through October.